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Cane Corso Dog Registration

Breed Standard: Cane Corso

The Cane Corso is a large and muscular Italian breed known for its noble appearance, strength, and loyalty. Developed as a guardian and protector, the Cane Corso possesses a combination of athleticism, intelligence, and a strong, imposing presence. This breed standard outlines the ideal characteristics that define the Cane Corso:

General Appearance: The Cane Corso is a well-proportioned, robust, and muscular dog with a dignified and noble demeanor. It exudes strength, confidence, and balance in its overall presentation.


Size: Males typically stand between 24 to 27.5 inches (61-70 cm) at the withers, while females range from 23.5 to 26 inches (60-66 cm). Weight should be in proportion to the height and build of the dog, with males weighing between 99 to 110 pounds (45-50 kg) and females weighing between 88 to 99 pounds (40-45 kg).


Head: The head is large and proportionate to the body. It has a flat skull, well-defined stop, and a moderately sized muzzle. The nose is broad and black, with open nostrils.


Eyes: The eyes are medium-sized, almond-shaped, and set well apart. They are typically dark in color, harmonizing with the coat. The expression is attentive and intelligent.


Ears: Ears are high-set and cropped, standing erect. Natural ears are triangular, medium-sized, and drop forward, giving a more assertive appearance.


Neck: The neck is muscular, slightly arched, and well-muscled. It blends smoothly into the shoulders.


Body: The body is compact and well-muscled. The chest is deep and broad, reaching to the elbows. The back is straight and strong, with a well-developed loin and a slight tuck-up at the abdomen.


Tail: The tail is set high, thick at the root, and tapers to a point. It is usually docked to the fourth vertebra, leaving a short tail. In countries where docking is prohibited, the natural tail is carried straight and not curled.

Coat: The coat is short, stiff, and dense. It lies close to the body and provides protection against the elements.


Color: Accepted colors include black, various shades of gray, fawn, and red, with or without brindle markings. A small white patch on the chest and toes is permissible.

Gait: The Cane Corso moves with an easy and fluid gait, covering ground efficiently. The front and rear legs move parallel, and the topline remains level.


Temperament: The breed is known for its loyalty, intelligence, and protective nature. Cane Corsos are confident and watchful, making them excellent guardians and family protectors. They are affectionate with their family members, but can be reserved with strangers.

Faults: Any deviation from the breed standard should be considered a fault. Disqualifications include extreme shyness, aggression, or any physical trait that affects the dog's ability to perform its original function.


This breed standard serves as a guideline to maintain the characteristics and qualities that define the Cane Corso. Breeders and enthusiasts strive to produce dogs that embody the breed's history, purpose, and distinctive traits.

Question & Answer

Can You Register a Cane Corso?

Yes, you can register your puppy or dog with the Designer Kennel Club. The DKC is the best registry for the designer dog breed. 

Can I get Papers for a Cane Corso?

Yes, you can receive registration papers for your puppy or dog. Register your puppy or dog as a Foundation dog.

Can I register my Cane Corso puppy litter?

Litter registration is offered by the Designer Kennel Club. To register your puppy litter, you must register both parents as Foundation dog, then register your puppy litter. 

Can I register my dog without AKC papers? Yes, you can register your dog as a Foundation dog

How to prove my dog is purebred without papers? registration papers will show proof of breed & ownership. 

What is the best registration for a dog? DKC registration papers are the best for all designer dog breeds. 

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