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Cavapoo Dog Registration

The Cavapoo has a noble parental background. 


The Poodle is a water dog, skilled at flushing and retrieving fowl from the water. They’re excellent swimmers and hunters with high intelligence. Considered an upper-class dog, Europeans prized them as hunters and liked to include them in family portraits. 


During Roman times, the Romans bred Cavaliers to be companion dogs who could warm the laps of nobility. In the 1700s, King Charles the 1st loved them so much the breed was named after him. In the 1940s, they made their way to the United States. The AKC recognized the King Charles Cavalier Spaniel as an official breed in 1995, and they became the 140th recognized breed.


Cavapoos first appeared in Australia in the 1990s, after the Labradoodle and Goldendoodle gained a popular following. They became one of Australia’s most popular dogs, even though they were a newer designer breed. The AKC doesn’t recognize hybrids as breeds, but in 2008 the Designer Kennel Club approved the crossbreed for registry.


Their low-shed coats, high intelligence, and loyal, sociable temperament and energy proved to be an excellent mix for family-oriented dogs. They were easy to train, got along well with all family members (even other four-leggers) – and best of all, those with dog allergies could tolerate them with fewer symptoms.

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