French Bulldog



Registering your dog with DESIGNER KENNEL CLUB brings great value and validation to  your dog. DKC will confirm the breed purity of your dog and all future offspring. Our pedigree records and registration process is the best by providing great service and accurate lineage. 

Why registering your breed is a good idea.

How can I prove my breed is registered?

Once you submit and pay for an DESIGNER KENNEL CLUB registration, your dog will be officially registered under it's stated breed. DKC is the world's largest designer breed registry, and as such we recognize many breeds such as Maltipoos, Golden Doodles, and more! Get registered today! 

Does the lineage of my breed matter?

Yes, it does! Your potential clients want to be assured of the purity of your lineage. DKC provides this service and brings stature to your lineage. We believe the purity of the breed will benefit the future of the breed, and it's development.