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Exotic Bullies

Updated: Feb 10

You might be considering buying one, or you might simply like to learn more about Exotic bullies, a brand-new dog breed created in 2008 by mating various Bully dog breeds.

Out of all the bully breeds that are now available, most bully breeders believe that the Exotic Bully possesses the traits that are most in demand.

They are smaller than other dogs overall, but have less body fat, greater muscle, a larger head, a rounder face, and more wrinkles. As a result, we call them "exotic."

They have a limited lifespan because to the health dangers they pose and come in 20 various colors.

Despite the fact that many have come to follow and appreciate the Exotic Bully, some people still have a negative view of the Exotic Bully and believe they are nothing special. Continue reading to learn more about this unresolved debate!

exotic bullies

In 2008, the first Exotic Bully pup was born with the intention of becoming a different breed of American Bully.

They were eventually recognized as their own breed by a number of different kennel associations after a five-year period during which selective breeding was used.

The United States Bully Registry began officially recognizing this breed in 2013, in particular.

These Bullies are unusual because of their distinctive appearance, which is remarkably different from that of ordinary Bullies.

One of the only traits they did not develop more of through time was size.

One explanation for the American Bulldog's reduced stature is that it is a smaller breed than both the French and English Bulldogs. Some canines resemble tiny Bulldogs more than they resemble Americans.

Despite having a similar appearance and name, Exotic Bullies are substantially lighter and smaller than their American cousins. The fact that they have kept their body weight and muscular tone in a healthy range is, however, a plus.When fully grown adults, Exotic Bullies can normally grow to a height of up to 13 inches. They normally range in weight from 30 to 50 pounds in terms of body mass.The sizes that they actually are will almost usually fall within this range of averages, though they may still vary significantly.

exotic bullies

Exotic Bullies - Physical Appearance:

Head: Their heads are relatively large in comparison to the rest of their bodies.

Skull: The skulls of these individuals are very broad, square, and short.

Eyes: Exotic Bullies have eyes in the shape of an oval, and they can come in a wide variety of colors. Additionally, there is a significant distance between each of their eyes.

Ears: Their ears have a rose-like shape, are of average size, and are typically positioned high on their heads. They are available in both their natural and cropped forms.

Nose: Their noses are typically broad and flat, and their nostrils are spaced far apart. They also come in a plethora of different hues to choose from, all of which are appropriate to use.

Muzzle: The muzzle of this dog is short, wide, and not very deep. In addition to that, it has some wrinkles.

Legs: The bones in the front legs are typically large and round, and the muscles in the front legs are typically straight. They are also located a significant distance apart from one another.

Chest: The chests of these dogs are typically very deep and wide.

Neck: The neck should be sufficiently broad and robust to support their disproportionately large heads.

Coats: Exotic Bullies have coats that are relatively short and quite coarse. They might also have a slightly glossy appearance to them. They are available in a wide range of hues, such as chocolate, white, black, and tricolor, among others.

The fact that this breed’s coat can be nearly any color is one of the breed’s many appealing qualities. Because they come in such a wide variety of hues, it won’t be hard for you to find a puppy that stands out from the rest.

Any color or pattern, with the exception of merle, on an Exotic Bully, is acceptable, as far as the various dog registries and kennel clubs are concerned. There are more than 20 distinct coat colors and patterns, which include the following:

1. Black 2. Cream 3. Gray 4. Chocolate 5. Blue 6. Red 7. White 8. Tri-Color 9. Brindle

Clean Exotic Bully:

A clean Exotic Bully is one that has been kept clean, does not make a mess, and does not have any problems. In other words, it still has the Appearance of an Exotic Bully, with all of the classic characteristics that you are familiar with, such as its short and compact frame, its exaggerated features, and the rest of its characteristics.

Aside from the “cleaner version,” there are no documented abnormalities like a sloping skull, snippy nose, weak lower jaw, overshot or undershot bite, an abnormally large body, a curly coat, or any other features like these.

The following are some of the characteristics that are desired in a Clean Exotic Bully:

1. Its height is no more than thirteen inches. 2. The muzzle is no more than two inches in length. 3. It is condensed but muscular despite its small size. 4. Its height and length are virtually identical to one another. 5. Both an underbite and a clean bite are acceptable dental configurations. 6. There is a lot of definition in the cheek muscles.

Pocket Exotic Bully:

By mating many dog breeds together, exotic bullies can be produced. When referring to a puppy that is an exotic pocket bully but whose parents are pitbulls, the phrase "Exotic Pocket Pitbull" is occasionally used.Similar to this, a dog with American Bully blood in its ancestry is referred to as an Exotic Pocket American Bully.

Exotic Micro Bully:

The exotic micro bully is the smallest version of this breed that is recognized as meeting the criteria for standardization.They should be no taller than 17 inches, and in most cases, they are even shorter than 13 inches. Although there isn’t one that’s universally recognized, people generally agree that their weight should be in proportion to their height.

They should not weigh more than 40 pounds if they are to be classified as Micro and stand around 13 inches tall.

Because there is no one standard rule for their weight that is acknowledged by everyone, the weight of these dogs can differ slightly from one dog registry or kennel club to another. However, they are all in agreement that the weight should be reasonable given the individual’s height and frame.

Exotic Bullies good with children?

Even though the Exotic Bully is typically thought of as a friendly puppy, some people might initially find the breed to be a little terrifying. They love receiving attention and getting to cuddle with their owners because they are such faithful pets.This is not an anomaly; they get along well with everyone, especially kids. But while they are with the kids, you should keep a watchful check on them.

Do not leave them alone with the younger children because children have a tendency to test the limits of dogs without understanding the repercussions of their actions.

Additionally, they get along fantastically with other puppies, and this is especially the case. If you start interacting with them while they’re young, you’ll have more opportunities. Therefore, if you already have other fur babies in your home, it shouldn’t be too difficult to get your Exotic Bully used to being around them.

Deformed Exotic Bullies

Regardless of how much people love these dogs, the unfortunate reality is that they have been overbred to the point where their physical characteristics cause them a great deal of pain. It would not be an exaggeration to state that these characteristics are more accurately described as malformations than as decorations. A wide variety of animal welfare organizations and individuals who have a soft spot in their hearts for dogs have been vocal in their support for the implementation of more stringent breeding regulations in an effort to relieve some of the suffering endured by this and other dog breeds.

Exotic Bullies Lifespan & Health Issues

Back Problems: A healthy back is essential for a dog because it is their spine that allows them to move freely throughout their environment. This is especially the case for creatures that walk on all fours. In the event that your Exotic Bully is suffering from back pain, it is possible that they will be unable to walk normally, stand up, lie down, or play.

Hip dysplasia: Hip dysplasia is a condition that is more common in larger breeds of dogs; some get it as they get older. Hip dysplasia, often accompanied by bowing of the front and/or back legs, has been observed frequently in Exotic Bullies.

Joint Problems: The joints are the source of a great deal of discomfort for dogs. This condition manifests itself when your dog advances in age or possibly as a result of their growing weight. The majority of the time, veterinarians are dealing with this issue.

Brachycephalic: Brachycephalic is a pathological disease that typically affects flat-faced dogs like Exotic Bullies.

Brachycephalic can also affect other types of dogs. Because of their short nose, they have an occluded airway, which can occasionally lead to respiratory difficulties.

Because this is a problem that can worsen with time, taking care of dogs who have this health condition can be an extremely tough task.

Overheating: Overheating is another issue that is associated with the short-nosed face of the Exotic Bully.

They typically have a predisposition toward overheating and do not function well in environments that are warm or overheated. If you are interested in purchasing one of them, you should keep this information in mind because it is important.

Dental problems: Dental issues are another complication brought on by the brachycephalic skull, which can lead to the loss of teeth or the overcrowding of the dog’s mouth with an excessive number of teeth. This results in discomfort and agony, difficulties with eating, and may even require the extraction of teeth.

Short Life: Exotic Bullies are noted for having a low life expectancy due to the fact that they are a relatively new breed that still needs some modifications. This results in a shorter life.

Ocular problems: There is a higher risk of birth defects and malformations in the eyes of these dogs. They have a greater chance of suffering from a variety of eye illnesses, any one of which can significantly impair their ability to see clearly.

Exotic Bullies Overweight?

If you give your Exotic Bully an excessive amount of food, it will likely gain excess weight. When it comes to this breed, obesity can swiftly exacerbate the joint and cardiac problems that they already have.To maintain its health, your Exotic Bully will require a diet consisting of high-quality dry food. A substantial amount of protein and fat have to be included in this diet as well.

There are dog foods available that have been developed specifically for Bullies, and these foods help maintain their lean muscle mass and prevent them from losing their round, plump appearance.

Keep in mind that the food you provide your dog should be adjusted based on its age and the amount of activity it gets. Because old dogs do not expend as much energy as younger and more active dogs, the recipe for puppy food is different from that of food for adult dogs.

It is important that the amount of food they consume corresponds appropriately with the amount of exercise they engage in during the day.

exotic bullies

Exotic Bully Essentials

1. Food and Diet The diet of an exotic bully must be of the highest quality and include a significant amount of both protein and fat.

This is especially important for Exotics that are younger than one year old. There is a good selection of high-quality food available at the market; all you need to do is seek for items that have enough protein (at least 30 percent) and an adequate amount of fat (at least 20 percent).

2. Workouts and Physical Activity Training an Exotic Bully is very important and should be started right immediately, from the moment that your puppy reaches home until it is fully matured, in order to achieve the best results.

They need to have many opportunities to interact with other people and animals, whether it’s with other dogs or other people. The sooner you get started on this, the better it will be.

3. Cleaning and Grooming To our great relief, the process of maintaining personal hygiene wouldn’t be as challenging. Due to the fact that Exotic Bullies have extremely short and silky coats, they do not require a great deal of maintenance.

Since they never become tangled, you should only need to brush them once or twice each week at the most.

It should be sufficient to just give them a bath once every couple of months. However, in the event that they become exceptionally smelly and dirty, you will need to give them a bath in order to maintain their cleanliness.

In addition to this, their nails will need to be trimmed as needed, much like the nails of other dogs. You have the option of doing it yourself or having it done by specialists.

The Best Bully Registry?

Designer Kennel Club is the best designer dog registry in the world for many designer breeds including the exotic bully.

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