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Frenchies vs. Summer Heat

Summer is coming!!! Today we will go over the need to know Frenchie tips as these temperatures rise over the US. We are all aware of what heat can do to Bulldog breeds and if your not PLEASE do yourself a favor and research about the breed before buying. We have so many blogs on our Page for Frenchie owners and soon to be! Plain and simple French Bulldogs and heat do not mix. Being in Texas a state where the temperature is prone to raise upwards, it is critical to know the signs of an overheating French Bulldog, and what to do about it. But even if you don’t live in very hot areas, it is recommended by many veterinarians to keep Bulldogs indoors when it is 84 Fahrenheit degrees (30 Celsius degrees) or hotter outside. French Bulldogs have a tendency to overheat easily, as do many brachycephalic breeds.

French Bulldog in Hot Weather – What You Should Know

On top of this, I will also remind everyone that these dogs suffer from stenotic nares and inherently labored breathing. Like all brachiocephalic dog breeds, they have difficulty breathing during hot weather. Furthermore, they can easily “overheat” and very serious health related from heat exhaustion due to their thick undercoat. They naturally do better in temperate, cooler climates. I also want to remind you Don’t ever leave your Frenchie in your car. Turned off. Never, under no circumstances. While for us “humans” summer means sunshine, cookouts, and swimming

But for our Frenchie counterparts, it is important to remember that Bulldogs and heat do not jive well together. Let’s go over the signs of an overheating French Bulldog:

  • Excessive panting

  • Heaving while panting

  • Odd sounds coming from the throat

  • Very floppy, loose, discolored tongue

  • Possible foaming from the mouth

  • Exhaustion from the fight for breath

****If your Frenchie shows any of the signs above, immediately place them in a cool place at your home with a fan and use a cool wet towel to wet down their body! They also make toys you can fill with water and freeze for a nice chilling treat after!

Tips for keeping frenchies cool

  1. Hydration is Key: just like you when your out outside, staying hydrated is very important. Pop up water bowls are one of my favorite products that are easy to just pop up and fill then it collapses with a little key chain to put anywhere! They also make Bandana’s you can get wet and tie around them before the walk/playtime or after they come in from activities. I’ve found these help to cool down frenchies quick and extremely durable.

  2. Make Sure Your French Bulldog Has Shade. If your dog is outside, make sure there is somewhere he can go to take shelter from the sun’s terrible rays. Set up a little tent or umbrella. Set it up next to the kiddie pool and serve your pet tropical smoothies for a staycation vibe.

  3. Limit your bulldogs’ time outdoors during rises in heat to potty breaks only and do not leave them unattended

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