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How to Register your Dog

Updated: Mar 4

Registering your dog with Designer Kennel Club is easier than ever! There are only a few steps you need to take, and you'll be done.

  1. Select the "Registration" page (below)

dog registration

2. The second step is to select the correct registration category. If you are registering a puppy whose parents are registered, select "Register Your Puppy." If you are registering a dog whose parents are not registered or known, select "Register Foundation Dog." If you are registering a litter, select "Register Your Litter". In order to register a litter, both parents to your litter must be registered with the DKC. If parents are not registered, please register them as "Foundation Dog".

3. Fill out the form after selecting the correct category, you will be asked to fill out a form. This form is for receiving your puppy, dog, or litter information.

4. After completing the form, you will complete the payment information and submit payment for registration.

5. After payment, you will receive an email receipt. Please allow 10-14 days to receive your registration documents in the mail via USPS.

For more information or questions on how to register your dog, puppy, or litter. Please contact

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