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Can you Register an Aussiedoodle?

Yes, an Aussiedoodle can be registered with the Designer Kennel Club. The Designer Kennel Club welcomes a diverse population of dogs to join their club including those who do not fit into the purebred categories.

A big benefit of being part of the Aussiedoodle community is that it provides common ground, understanding, and support for new owners because they get to learn from other experienced owners.

Why would I want to register an Aussie doodle?

I found it useful to interact with other owners of Aussiedoodles, by joining organizations and clubs. They gave me information and support from people who have already raised an Aussiedoodle.

Aussiedoodle owners who want to socialize with other dog lovers can use these services. These organizations and groups are for any Aussiedoodle owners looking for a chance to meet others that share their interest in the breed.

Aussiedoodle owners that enjoy meeting other Aussiedoodle enthusiasts can use the following organizations and groups to connect with others that share an interest.

Perks of Registration:

Proof of ownership

Proof of breed

Documenting lineage

What are the steps to register an Aussiedoodle?

Registering your dog with Designer Kennel Club is quick and simple. There are just a few steps you need to do, and you’ll be finished.

Go to the registration tab and click either “Register your Puppy” or “Register Foundation Dog” Next, you will fill out the form after choosing the correct category. This form is to receive your dog’s information. After filling out the form, you will need to purchase a Registration Package to complete the registration. The last page of the form has a button that says “Registration Packages” this will take you to the Registration Packages page.

You will select the Registration Package that corresponds to the form you filled out earlier. If you select the puppy package there will be an additional option to purchase a pedigree for the puppy to see its lineage. After selecting you are ready to checkout! Your Registration Certificate and Pedigree, if you purchased one, should arrive within 14 days of purchase.


Aussiedoodle registration increases the recognition of this fantastic dog and ensures the dog has a recognized pedigree so that this wonderful dog can be properly cared for.

Today you not only need to consider the heritage of a dog, but also its character, skills, and uniqueness.

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